Growing up I never thought of myself in the terms of “an artist”; I never had patience for drawing or painting. I discovered my passion for art through the medium of graphic design. I was encouraged early on to develop my graphic design skills by taking a photography class. After falling in love with the art of photography I never looked back. My passion has continued to manifest itself throughout the years, and has grown from merely a hobby into my profession. My drive in photography has many aspects, but there are two that always remain present. The first is to bring to life the illustrations I see in my imagination. These are given birth in the music I listen to. Every melody, bridge, riff, hook, and lyric come together to form an image in my mind so profoundly vivid that I need not make record of it, but rather store it away until I’ve found all the pieces in the physical world I need to bring my imagination into reality. These photographic ideas are normally executed through my work in fashion photography. The second force that drives my work is an infatuation with trauma and mistreatment of human beings and the darker side of life. I take that darkness and explore the beauty hidden beneath.